Determine the Space that Needed for Your New Office

Determine the Space that Needed for Your New Office [New Normal]

This Covid-19 pandemic has ignited global conversations like the most notable being social distancing. This pandemic indeed demonstrated that a considerable amount of work can be done even when offices are closed and also people can work from anywhere and enjoy the freedom of a more relaxed schedule. But, what will the shared office of the future, and how much office space will companies want?

To understand how much space you’ll need per employee, you need to visualize the future office space and ask yourself the following questions.

  • What kind of growth is the company expecting?
  • How many people are going to work from office and how many are going to work from home?
  • What type of space does each department need to have to work efficiently?
  • How many people are going to be in meetings daily? How many people will be heads down in focused work?
  • What is the functional & operational goal the company wants to achieve with the office space?

In order to determine the office can categorize in to three types:

  • High Density (80 – 100 square feet per employee): Majority open seating with rows of small desks. May have fewer private offices. Usually seen in companies that have many different teams within the same space, as well as for sales, marketing, technology, co-working, and customer support offices.
  • Average Density (90-150 square feet per employee): Mix of open cube or desk space and private offices. It’s more like a traditional office layout.
  • Spacious (60-110 square feet per employee): The majority of the space consisting of large private offices.

Common Areas And Meeting Rooms

Not all 250 Sq. feet will be dedicated to the employees’ workspace, but rather some percentage of space will be separated into common areas, break areas, and conference rooms. When it comes to proactive common area design is key, because it will impact the sense of teamwork and unity and even can affect productivity as well.

For spacious office – One conference room for every ten employees.

For a traditional office with 300 sq. ft. per employee, you will need fewer communal workspaces. Typically it needs one conference room for every 20 employees.

In the new normal post-pandemic, it is mandated to de-densify offices, businesses need to ensure employees can connect frequently and more seamlessly. Therefore, more smaller conference rooms can ensure employee safety and also working efficiently.

Estimated the Size Of Office Elements

Areas like reception area, conference rooms, dining, common rooms, break rooms, etc are important for companies that will be highly efficient.

The following numbers should give you a view of the standard sizes for several types of work areas within your overall office space:

  • Large Private or Shared Office: 100 – 150 sq. ft.
  • Medium Private or Shared Office: 90 – 120 sq. ft.
  • Small Private Office: 60-110 sq. ft.
  • Work Group Areas: 80 – 100 sq. ft. per employee

Hereabouts some determined numbers to assist you get a view of how much space some features of an office environment consume, and to help you calculate how much space you need:

  • Conference Room: 50 sq. ft. + 25 sq. ft. per person seated
  • Reception Area: 100 – 200 sq. ft. per person waiting
  • Lunch/Break Room: 75 sq. ft. + 25 sq. ft. per person seated
  • Halls/Corridors within the space: 20% to 30% of the total usable area
  • Mail Room: 125 sq. ft.
  • File Room: 200 sq. ft.

Six-Feet Concept

Globally, in order to ensure employee safety during this pandemic COVID-19 crisis, most of the corporate introduced the concept called “Six feet office space”. 

The main objectives of the concepts are:

  • Be welcome at work with precautionary measures like sanitizer, masks, etc.
  • Strict to the rules and follow the signs.
  • Stay safe at six feet each other when employee interaction.
  • Walking the office clock-wise, always & everywhere you go.
  • Enter and leave the meeting rooms as indicated.
  • Replace your desk pad daily and leave a clean desk.

We also consider some other points to what the future holds in our new normal and rethink office spaces through both forward-thinking, simple, inexpensive ways to protect your employees and help them feel safe when coming back to the office.

  • Workstation prioritizes physical distancing that creates a safe distance between your employees and redesigns the tables to accommodate the new guidelines.
  • Open space floor plans are recommended that will be easier to clean and limit the surface areas like door handles, arms of chairs, and most touched objects.
  • Equip the office space with adaptable furniture and appliances that will limit touching and make the workspace more efficient.
  • Businesses need to communicate clearly & transparently with employees like road markings, social distancing stickers, and floor stickers are the best way to keeping the employee’s proper social distance and reduce density.
  • Unconventional models like unique office spaces, floor plans can help & encourage employees to be efficient, productive, and keep them safer & healthier.

There will be a lot of focus on the future of work and how employees working styles are evolving, especially during this pandemic time. Flexibility and forward-thinking are the key areas to determine the office space and environment you build.

The world still deals with the Covid-19 pandemic and looking forward to a new normal & keeping hygiene is a high priority.  Chennai One IT Park is ready to equip with modern, flexible office space, and new office layouts to ensure employees feel safe & comfortable.

Best IT Parks in Chennai

Best IT Parks in Chennai for IT Software Company

Chennai city is one of the best destinations in India for IT professionals. After Bangalore, Chennai is one of the fast-growing and emerging cities in the information technology (IT) sector also considered as the next IT hub in India for aspiring IT professionals.

Here, listed the best IT Tech Parks in Chennai where you can start your dream IT Company and fulfill your aspirations:

Best IT Park in Chennai- Chennai one IT Park

Chennai One IT Park

Chennai one IT park is a well-established IT Park located on Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam link road, Off OMR at Chennai. It expended across 3.8 million square feet of a smart, connected, and collaborative workspace. Chennai One IT Park provides world-class facilities including a food court, medical facilities, daycare, amphitheater, ATMs, open-air library, gyms & fitness center, 100% power back up, and 24X7 security services.

Its world-class breathtaking infrastructure and amenities make it a preferred choice for tech giants like TCS, Ford, Atos, Prodapt, and more.

DLF Cybercity

DLF Cybercity is a multiblock information technology (IT SEZ) and its spread over 44 acres with a perfect blend of work & leisure. It is occupied by top Indian and international companies like IBM, Accenture, and CSC. DLF facilitates with best-class facilities including medical services. A separate OXY zone block for employees with walking and jogging tracks.


Tidel Park is one of the largest IT Tech Parks in Chennai, situated in OMR old Mahabalipuram road. Since its inception, it has strengthened the growth of the IT sector in the country and employing more than 12,000 IT professionals within its premises. Tidel Park has an excellent location advantage with lots of amenities including a multi-cuisine food court, spacious 650 seat auditorium, and conference hall. For the first time in the country, Tidel Park has been equipped with a thermal energy storage system for air-conditioning.

Prince Info Park

Prince Info Park is surrounded by a well-developed area and is located in central Chennai, Ambattur Industrial Estate. It is spread across 2.54 acres with 6 floors. Prince Info Park provides best-class amenities and facilities including ample car parking space, security services, and a well-maintained window cleaning system & facility management agency.

ASV Suntech Park

ASV Suntech Park is located on a fast developed IT corridor OMR. This park having 4.50,000 Sq.Ft., with a well-designed physical infrastructure and equipped with modernized elevators, 24/7 security services, full service janitorial & maintenance services, abundant parking with lush landscaped gardens, and an ideal location with easy access to IT companies. It occupies major tech giants like Ajuba, Cognizant, UST global, and Technicolor.

RMZ Millennia Business Park

RMZ Millennia IT Park is situated in Perungudi has the worldly stance of the workspace is among the finest office space in Chennai. It is perfectly blended with excellent infrastructure and smartly designed healthy workspaces. RMZ Millennia designed for ever-long positive visual, experiential, and psychological impact for people working and visiting.

Pacifica Tech Park

Pacifica Tech Park is located in Old Mahabalipuram Road spreads 1.1 million sq. ft. State-of-the-art integrated Information Technology Park. It has a robust elevation with secured infrastructure and dynamic accessibility for every tech company under its roof. Pacifica Tech Park has filled with lots of facilities like 24 x 7 power backup, ample car parking space, fire-detection alarm system, and food courts among other facilities.

Ramanujan IT City

Ramanujan IT City is an information technology special economic zone situated in Taramani, Chennai. It is spread over 25.27 acres in which 4.5 million square feet has 6 towers of IT/ITES spaces. Ramanujan IT city is equipped with modern infrastructure and having exemplary benefits of SEZ that includes Food Court, Bank, ATMs, Gymnasium, etc and covered walkways connecting all towers. It also has leading-edge fire detection and suppression systems with sprinklers, fire and smoke detectors. Park is occupied by global brands like Amazon, Cognizant, HP, TCS, Infosys, Mindtree, and Citibank, etc.


SIPCOT IT Park Information Technology located in Siruseri t is developed in over 581.2 acres of land by SIPCOT, the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu, a fully government-owned institution. SIPCOT IT park has been occupied by more than 20 companies including major tech giants like TCS, Hexaware, Amtex System, Cognizant’s, Capgemini, Syntel, and more. A SIPCOT powered Innovation Ecosystem to catalyze industrial transformation in the digital age, combining manufacturing excellence with technology leadership, entrepreneurial innovation, and future-ready talent.

Information Technology parks played a very crucial role in the growth of the IT sector, especially the software as services companies. Convenient location, best-class infrastructure, and comfortable workspace are the checkpoints that can be considered as one of the best IT Parks.

Advantages of Setting up a Unit in an IT Special Economic Zone

Advantages of Setting up a Unit in an IT Special Economic Zone

A special economic zone (SEZ) is a particularly marked territory or enclave within the national borders of a region that has more progressive economic laws than the rest of the country. The state government plays a key role in the setting up of special economic zone in association with the private sector. According to Statista research department “The value of exports from SEZs increased to more than 8 trillion Indian rupees across India in financial year 2020”

The main mission of the special economic zone (SEZ) is to generate employment opportunities and promoting investment.

Chief Objectives of Special Economic Zone (SEZ):

  • To make additional economic activity
  • To boost the exports of goods and services
  • To generate employment
  • To develop infrastructure facilities
  • To increase domestic and international investments

Information technology parks gaining attraction in the past few years, with more developing countries adopting the trend to reap the socio-economic benefits. Let’s discuss some major advantages of setting up a business in IT SEZs:

Boosts Economy

The information technology industry is an essential part of the technology-driven knowledge economy. To be noted, India has been perceived as a knowledge economy due to the significant growth in Information Technology (IT) industry.

The growth of the IT sector in India is remarkable across the economies of the world, “In 2019-20 market size of India’s IT industry peaked at 191$ Billion and share in GDP wise 7.7 percent”. Therefore, setting up an IT unit in SEZs will play a pre-eminent role in the ongoing global fourth industrial revolution.

Provide Ample Space for Development

In contrast to office and commercial buildings, IT SEZs are large outdoor spaces that make it easier for business nurture and expansion. A special economic zone provides abundant office space, fully-equipped modern infrastructure facilities, perfect storage facilities, and high-quality auditorium & conference rooms. Businesses can achieve this kind of facility by establishing their business in Chennai One IT SEZ.

Incorporate With Latest Technologies

IT special economic zones (SEZ) provides state-of-art infrastructure and professionally managed services that attract many global and local investors. IT SEZs have furnished with the latest efficient telecommunications, high-speed broadband internet facilities, long-load power backups, and several other amenities that facilitate the establishment and manage a business.

Chennai One IT Park equipped with latest technology and infrastructure facilities:

  • Centralized AC’s
  • 100 % Power Back-ups
  • Telecommunication & Internet facilities
  • Abundant parking facilities
  • Emergency and healthcare facilities
  • Fully-monitored security facilities

Encourage Rest and Recreation

Across the globe, most of the corporate is focusing on investment in employee’s health and well-being. Because a healthier workplace boosts all-around productivity and promotes a profitable work environment.  A study witnessed that “employers lose billions of dollars of revenue due to employee- ill-health”

IT SEZ parks typically spread over a larger and greener environment. Also, equipped with fitness gym centers, food parks, and ample walking space that act as a relaxation point for employees. Hence, these kinds of amenities will achieve a thriving workforce and better longevity for companies that could be a significant factor for a winning business.

Chennai One IT Park, having excellent indoor and outdoor sporting facilities along with gym.

Armed With Security Features

Security is necessary and required to protect from all of the assets and belongings of businesses within IT SEZ. It is important to maintain a high level of security in order to prevent such theft and vandalism.  In IT special economic zone armed with state-of-art security features. From CCTV security cameras to heavily guard by security professionals, these will help to reduce the likelihood of security breaches.

IT Special economic zones can make valuable contributions to the growth and development of the country. It also helps to achieve in bridging linkages with the broader economy. 

Chennai One IT Park has extended with a long 3.8 million square feet of smart, connected, and environment-friendly workspace. Chennai One, holding the world-class infrastructure and extraordinary amenities that will be comprehensive for starting an IT Business.

Contact us now, for establishing a business in Chennai One IT Park and be a part of the nation’s economic development.

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) vs Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) vs Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

The government of India introduced the SEZ & STPI schemes with the main purpose of providing a competitive and hassle-free environment for attracting foreign direct investment, earning foreign exchange, and employment generation in India.

Here, let’s discuss the major differences and benefits of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) in this article:

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) vs Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

Software Technology Parks of India is a 100% export oriented scheme under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) engaged in promoting IT/ITES Industry, innovation, R&D, start-ups, product/IP creation in the field of emerging technologies like IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and more. This scheme mainly focuses on one sector that is “Computer software”.

As per statistics, “STPI has played a tremendous role in transforming the country as the preferred IT destination, a fact that aptly proven by the stupendous growth in exports by STPI-registered units from Rs. 52 crores in 1992-93 to Rs. 4,74,183 crores in 2019-20, which is approx. 50% of the national software exports and 2.3% of India’s GDP. ”

The main objectives of STPI are:

  • To promote development and export of Sass (Software and Software services)
  • To provide statutory and other promotional services to the exporters
  • To provide data communication services
  • To promote micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs in the field of IT / IT enabled services.

STPI Centers in India

The government of India established the STPI centers across the country. The first STPI center opened in 1990 in Mumbai, Pune.  At present, there are 15 STPI centers located in India across various cities.

Major Functions of STPI:

  • To establish software technology parks at various locations in the country.
  • To work closely with respective State Government and act as an interface between Industry and Government.
  • To perform financial management functions.
  • To promote quality and security standards in the I.T industries.
  • To work jointly with venture capitalists for providing financial assistance to the IT industries.

Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a specifically delineated duty-free enclave and shall be deemed to be foreign territory for the purposes of trade operations and duties and tariffs. The main objective of SEZ is to enhance foreign investment and the creation of employment opportunities in India. Economic laws are liberal in SEZ than the country’s typical economic laws.

The Major Objectives of SEZ:

  • To increase domestic and international investments
  • To generation of additional economic activity
  • To generate employment opportunities
  • To development of infrastructure facilities

Common Highlights of STPI & SEZ:

  • Exemption from central excise duty on the procurement of raw materials, capital goods, etc. from the domestic market.
  • Exemption from customs duty on import of capital goods and raw materials, etc.
  • Simplified procedures and single window clearance to set up units and conducting business.
  • 100% foreign equity is permitted to be invested in the units.
  • External commercial borrowings up to $500 million a year allowed without any maturity restrictions.

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) vs Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

BenefitsSpecial Economic Zone (SEZ)Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)
LocationSetup an unit only in designated SEZ parks only.Can be Setup an unit anywhere in India.
Sub-leasing of surplus spaceSEZ cannot allow sub-leasing surplus unless it is also the “developer” of the SEZ park.STPI unit can sublease the surplus office space, with subject to bonded capital goods.
Income Tax100% income tax exemption for first 5 years, after 50% exemption for next 5 years, re-investment of profit in terms of section 10AA of income tax act.From April 2011, income tax exemption has been withdrawn.
Construction & Raw materialsIn SEZ, construction materials can be procured without payment of duties.In STPI, goods for infrastructure cannot be procured without payment of applicable duties.
GSTAny supply of goods or services or both to a Special Economic Zone developer/unit will be considered to be a zero-rated supply.The capital goods purchased from the DTA are entitled for refund of GST.
Custom recovery chargesSEZ unit is not liable for payment of customs supervision charges. It will be paid by developer.STPI unit is liable to reimburse custom supervision charges for staff deputed at the unit.
Examination & Monitoring of GoodsNo routine examination of exported and imported goods by customs officials.All goods in STPI unit should be physically examined by customs officials.
Labor LawsThe state governments are authorized to treat the units in SEZ as public utilities and based on delegate the powers of labor commissioner to development commissioner of SEZ unit.The state government is not responsible to delegate the power of labor commissioner to anyone.
EEFC ( Exchange earners’ foreign currency account )AccountSpecial economic zone (SEZ) units cannot open EEFC accounts. But, a unit located in an SEZ can open a foreign currency account with an authorized dealer in India subject to certain conditions. SEZ unit is permitted to retain 100% of the export proceeds received in convertible foreign exchange account.STPI unit can convert 100% of export proceeds received in convertible foreign exchange account to Rupees within 30 days from the date of receipt.

The Government of India aims to increase production capacity in the domestic market and enhance foreign direct investment (FDI).

As per Statista, “FDI Equity inflows in India FY2020 almost 15% contributed to the service sector and computer hardware & software”.

The world is looking at India in a big way; the presence of both Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) has an encouraging eco-system to leverage India’s position of innovation and startups that make it a global tech hub.

Chennai One is the leading IT SEZ in Chennai, provide the space and services to nurture a holistic and innovation-centric work culture that combines form and functionality with a perfect blend of work and leisure. Chennai One IT SEZ stands out as one of the best IT Park in Chennai and the ideal destination to set up your business unit for long-term development & growth.