Advantages of Setting up a Unit in an IT Special Economic Zone

Advantages of Setting up a Unit in an IT Special Economic Zone

A special economic zone (SEZ) is a particularly marked territory or enclave within the national borders of a region that has more progressive economic laws than the rest of the country. The state government plays a key role in the setting up of special economic zone in association with the private sector. According to Statista research department “The value of exports from SEZs increased to more than 8 trillion Indian rupees across India in financial year 2020”

The main mission of the special economic zone (SEZ) is to generate employment opportunities and promoting investment.

Chief Objectives of Special Economic Zone (SEZ):

  • To make additional economic activity
  • To boost the exports of goods and services
  • To generate employment
  • To develop infrastructure facilities
  • To increase domestic and international investments

Information technology parks gaining attraction in the past few years, with more developing countries adopting the trend to reap the socio-economic benefits. Let’s discuss some major advantages of setting up a business in IT SEZs:

Boosts Economy

The information technology industry is an essential part of the technology-driven knowledge economy. To be noted, India has been perceived as a knowledge economy due to the significant growth in Information Technology (IT) industry.

The growth of the IT sector in India is remarkable across the economies of the world, “In 2019-20 market size of India’s IT industry peaked at 191$ Billion and share in GDP wise 7.7 percent”. Therefore, setting up an IT unit in SEZs will play a pre-eminent role in the ongoing global fourth industrial revolution.

Provide Ample Space for Development

In contrast to office and commercial buildings, IT SEZs are large outdoor spaces that make it easier for business nurture and expansion. A special economic zone provides abundant office space, fully-equipped modern infrastructure facilities, perfect storage facilities, and high-quality auditorium & conference rooms. Businesses can achieve this kind of facility by establishing their business in Chennai One IT SEZ.

Incorporate With Latest Technologies

IT special economic zones (SEZ) provides state-of-art infrastructure and professionally managed services that attract many global and local investors. IT SEZs have furnished with the latest efficient telecommunications, high-speed broadband internet facilities, long-load power backups, and several other amenities that facilitate the establishment and manage a business.

Chennai One IT Park equipped with latest technology and infrastructure facilities:

  • Centralized AC’s
  • 100 % Power Back-ups
  • Telecommunication & Internet facilities
  • Abundant parking facilities
  • Emergency and healthcare facilities
  • Fully-monitored security facilities

Encourage Rest and Recreation

Across the globe, most of the corporate is focusing on investment in employee’s health and well-being. Because a healthier workplace boosts all-around productivity and promotes a profitable work environment.  A study witnessed that “employers lose billions of dollars of revenue due to employee- ill-health”

IT SEZ parks typically spread over a larger and greener environment. Also, equipped with fitness gym centers, food parks, and ample walking space that act as a relaxation point for employees. Hence, these kinds of amenities will achieve a thriving workforce and better longevity for companies that could be a significant factor for a winning business.

Chennai One IT Park, having excellent indoor and outdoor sporting facilities along with gym.

Armed With Security Features

Security is necessary and required to protect from all of the assets and belongings of businesses within IT SEZ. It is important to maintain a high level of security in order to prevent such theft and vandalism.  In IT special economic zone armed with state-of-art security features. From CCTV security cameras to heavily guard by security professionals, these will help to reduce the likelihood of security breaches.

IT Special economic zones can make valuable contributions to the growth and development of the country. It also helps to achieve in bridging linkages with the broader economy. 

Chennai One IT Park has extended with a long 3.8 million square feet of smart, connected, and environment-friendly workspace. Chennai One, holding the world-class infrastructure and extraordinary amenities that will be comprehensive for starting an IT Business.

Contact us now, for establishing a business in Chennai One IT Park and be a part of the nation’s economic development.

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